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 Welcome to Frank Church College and Career Services
Katie Omercevic   

Hello students & families! Transitioning to the real-world can be daunting... but I'm here to help you navigate that process! My job is to assist you with career exploration, college planning, financial aid & job readiness. Whether you're interested in pursuing a 2 or 4+ year college degree, trade school, apprenticeships, joining the military, etc., my hope for you is to find a career that fits your passions, interests & values. I have experience working in financial aid and would love to help with completing the FAFSA and/or scholarship applications to help pay for college or other programs in which you would like to enroll after high school. I encourage you to be in the driver's seat of your own future. I'm excited to get to know you and hear about your goals!

Please check out my College & Career Google Site, which is packed full of information that hopefully answers many of your college and career questions. I always love meeting with students and families! Set up an appointment with me by using the Student Services Request Form (if you're logged into your BSD email) or feel free to send me an email!