Students are expected to attend school regularly.     
Students who have more than five (5) absences in a class may be withdrawn for no credit.  
Parents/guardians or independent students, must contact the school to excuse all absences. Please call the 24-hour attendance line at       
All absences must be excused within two (2) days.    
Students who arrive to class more than twenty (20) minutes late will be marked absent.    
If a student has a medical or court appointment during the school day, he/she/they must obtain a Permit to Leave (PTL) to leave the school premises. PTLs are available in the attendance office and can only be issued through a parent note or phone call. 
All students must obtain a PTL in order to leave campus.  


All students who are late to school or a class block need to sign in at the attendance office and get a tardy slip before going to class.  

Tardy Procedures:

Once a student accrues 4 tardies they are assigned 20 minutes of detention per tardy and risk losing credit in their class.  
If a 4th tardy is hit in their class after lunch, they will lose the right to leave campus at lunch for the remainder of the quarter. 


A truancy is when a student is not where they are supposed to be during the school day. A truancy is a Major Disciplinary Violation and student/parent/guardian will be informed that the missed class will be made up on their own time (70 min). 

Students are not allowed to leave campus after arriving at school except for at lunch with their ID badge. Once they step out of a vehicle and onto district property, they are on campus and must directly enter the building.     
A student who leaves class without permission will be issued a truancy.